Dong-Shin Elementary School is in A-Chien Cheng where

locatedon the border of Tung- Cheng Village and Da-Shin Village.

A-ChienCheng is a native, primitive lovely country which likes a

Taiwan inartificial village of 60.



          There are two small irriguous

rivers, Lin-pow-chun and Lin-chi-

chi, they are two branches of

Wulaokeng River, flow into the

village and confluent in Dong-Shan

River then flow to the sea. The river

surrounds Dong-Shin Elementary

School is the branch of Lin-chi-chi.



     The river is for daily irrigation

and another useful water resource

to every family.

       It is common to see women

    washing clothes, cleaning

    vegetables in the river.


     That makes people who live in the city envy

there is an unpolluted river in Taiwan.

However, the river is a paradise for the children.

The children play in the river, fish there,or to

be a companion for their parents who are doing

laundry, meal preparing or gossiping.


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